Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Day of Surpises

We started off this morning with a lovely breakfast.  Good and hearty: country potatoes, sausage, eggs and leftover blueberry muffins from yesterday's Feast.  Good fuel for the day ahead.

Pearl and I headed to the Post Office to mail some postcards.

Surprise #1: Did you know there are "over-sized" postcards that cost the same as regular mail?  This I did not know.  My wallet did not like that surprise.

When we got home, I received a text message from my friend, Tony, that his wife, my friend Sara, had delivered their son that morning.

Surprise #2: Baby Michael wasn't due till the end of January.  He was born at 33 weeks!  But he is fine and Sara is ok.  A little in shock at his early arrival but so far all seems good.

We took a trip to the hospital to bring them some items and on the way home, Pearl fell asleep in the truck.  Hospital is 50 min. away and it was during naptime.  Definitely expected.

Surprise # 3: I removed Pearl from the truck and carried her into the apartment hoping she would stay asleep a little longer.  However, I slammed my left shin into the corner of her bed when laying her down.  I now have a nasty bruise and the skin opened into a gash.  I hit that bad boy hard!

So it was an eventful day;)

Please keep Tony, Sara, and baby Michael in your prayers that he continues to do well and can go home soon.  Thank you!