Sunday, July 15, 2007

8 Things About Me and DH: A Meme

H/T to Nutmeg

1. We met via Catholic Match. I had joined as a joke for a friend and he had joined since his cousins persuaded him to. I had just moved to the area and was seeking good Catholic Fellowship. I saw his profile that first week, but waited a week to send a message. My roommates coaxed me into sending him the message...and for that, I am forever grateful.

2. At our first meeting, one of the first questions I asked was in regards to his sports teams preferences:) We also learned that I had met his sister years before while she was attending the university in the town I grew up in.

3. We had 4 dates in 5 days that first week. After that 4th, I woke up knowing that He was my "ezer"--my helpmate. He took a bit longer:) At the end of that month he went on retreat and surrendered our relationship in prayer to Our Lord. In his prayer, it was confirmed for him to pursue me.

4. Our relationship was a bit of a whirlwind in some respect. We dated for 6 months, were engaged for around 5, and were married 2 weeks before the anniversary of that first date.

5. He proposed outside of the perpetual adoration chapel in the town where I live. We had driven up to see my family and went to the chapel for some prayertime. Before entering, he took my hand and knelt down and asked me to be his wife. When he opened the box, the ring literally flew out!! It had caught on the clasp and was propelled forward. Thankfully, it landed at my feet. That's the Spirit for you.

6. Our personality types suit each other. I am more of a guardian and my DH is the comforter. In my terms: I tend to pick justice, he tends toward mercy. So we both learn from each other and are challenged to grow in our weaknesses.

7. We have big ideas...note that I said ideas. God laughs at plans. We pray that He will purify our desires and align them with His. That said, some of our ideas involve buying lots of land, building our own house (with our own hands), making bio-diesel from avocados, living in Italy for a time, homesechooling, pilgrimmages to marian shrines, etc.

8. Our song is "How Do I Love Her?" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Lyrics here.

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