Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I took a nap today. I needed it after my Dr's visit this morning. He decided to "freeze" out whatever is in my foot. So after the Ethyl Chloride and the tears, I decided to rest.

This E.C., he said feels like it is "colder than an ice cube." What he should have said is that "it is so cold, it will feel like your foot is actually being burned off." No joke. After my foot changed from inflamed red to purple to red again, I can look at it and feel the change. I still have the raised markings with the sensitive-to-touch-itchy feeling.

I still think that this is an autoimmune response to my allergies, which by the way, freezing won't fix.

But we will wait for a week and then discuss using an oral tablet to "kill this."


I'm considering not going doctors about this anymore since they don't listen to my autoimmune theory and are convinced that something is inside of me.

But I'm not bitter.


knitmom said...

Every other week I have to go have things frozen on my feet... yeah it is not fun.

Daniel said...

This makes me weird but I enjoy it. I have an awesome podiatrist though. He goes to MPB, so we always have fun talks about the Church. If you don't like yours, you should try him.