Thursday, August 23, 2007

Book Club

Last night, I attended my Catholic Women's Book Club where we discussed A Still Small Voice by Fr. Benedict Groeschel.

We had a lovely discussion about the practical applications of this book and then our discussion turned towards us needing to make our picks for next year. We are looking to have at least 1 historical and 1 fiction in our roundup. Any suggestions, would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Hey i run a Catholic Women's Book date we've studied Brideshead revisited & Two Lives (Edmund Campion & Ronald Knox) by Evelyn Waugh, 'That Hideous strength' by CS Lewis, a book of our own choosing, we also in May prayed the Rosary in Latin using a CD of Pope John Paul ll, & one month watche 'The Scarlet & the Black'. we resart in september with the Pope's Book Jesus of Nazareth, which we will look at for 3 sessions, & then there is a new book out in september on John enry newman..with all 12 of us in the Oratory parish that would be good. Finally next year i will try & get Joanna Bogle to visit & we could read her new book..

God bless