Sunday, August 26, 2007

I get the point

These past few days as I lead into a new cycle, I have seen and heard the Lord speaking to me in a variety of ways.

Friday's Gospel reading speaks of being "under the fig tree." This phrase traditionally alludes to a person of utmost faithfulness to the Law and the Love of God. Fr. Rex spoke of "being under the fig tree" no matter what the sufferings or trials we face.

Over at Small Treasures, Kristen reflects on waiting for a child who was to be her Gianna.

Today's Gospel reading speaks of discipline which initially appears to describe suffering, but ends with thoughts of righteousness and hope.

The same message is being brought into my head and heart in a variety of ways. Lord, cast out all doubts, all blame, all pity and sorrow...all lies from the evil one. Fill me with strength and peace. Gird my loins in TRUTH!! Praise you, Lord!

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