Thursday, September 6, 2007

House Hunting

While I was away for the holiday, I did help my mama in her search for a new home. That in itself is a long story, but needless to say we had an enjoyable day driving around my hometown together.

We ended up at a neighborhood that my mama had great hopes for but wanted me to approve. I was quite happy with the development. It was a great location for her commute to work, a great community center with workout room and pool, and lovely homes at decent prices.

So we decided to look for any open houses that we could peruse. We can across one that was looked great from the outside--it was on a flat stretch of road and was a one story. When we walked in, we were greated by the realtor and told to look around. The house contained four bedrooms, spacious living room and kitchen, and a small yard that backed up into a preserve that housed bald eagles nests! The house was very well decorated and cozy. I especially liked the owners use of color to warm up the house.

My DH was with us and he and I noticed at the same time various crucifixes on the walls!! There was some icons up and in their library were several catholic works. I commented outloud that I thought the house was lovely and that I wondered if the owners were catholic.

I was a little embarrassed and surprised when the realtor had overheard me. He stated that yes, the owners were catholic. He then said that he was both the realtor and the owner!!!!

We then had a pleasant chat about his family's upcoming move to set up a medical practice in South Florida to perform NAPRO technology.

WOW! How crazy is that?!

UPDATE: My mama is unable to make a bid now (she has to sell her current house), but man does she want that house!


antonia said...

wow! That is so cool! A Napro Doctor?!! How rare are they?! But how very cool!

Did your mom take the house?


Esther said...

I hope and pray your mom gets the house. It sounds wonderful.