Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our Lady of Sorrows

A clip from Handmaid of the Lord by Adrienne Von Speyr

"And so she said Yes to the Lord's death as well, when she gave her consent to the conception of the Redeemer. And whoever says Yes to a child consents to the little being's whole future work and fruitfulness, which extends into the unforseeable. And, in the end, both assents are one insofar as they are a unified service. Within this service Mary leaves the whole formation to God. She leaves it to him to make use of her as he wills, in joy and suffering. She does not say Yes in the beginning to a joyous conception and Yes at the end to a fearful death. Her Yes is bound to nothing other than the will of God--not even to any particular state or condition of her Son, still less to any transitory situation of her own. It is an indifferent Yes that can be shaped by God into the highest joy as well as the deepest sorrow. She herself will not influence the will of God in anything. She only accepts."

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