Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Dentist

I had my 6 month dental cleaning today. I had to tell them about the babe so they wouldn't do x-rays. No problem there. The hygienist asked if I floss...they always ask me that, and I'm honest that I don't like they want me to. I floss once a week not once a day.

So then I got the lecture about really needing floss especially now with the babe cuz the gums change during pregnancy. I then stated that okay, I could do that, but not now with the gag reflex so high.

She gave me a look like she wasn't buying it. Hello! I don't lie about nausea, the gag reflex is strong. I can't brush my tongue like before cuz it makes me want to hurl.

Well, she started the cleaning and my hygienist who had started out so sweet like this:

Turned into this:

That was probably the worst it ever felt to have my teeth cleaned. She was really pushing hard, and then she had the audacity to say that my gums were bleeding because I hadn't flossed. Umm, hello! That would be you digging in underneath my teeth!!

It's kinda like when you're at church and your turn for the sign of peace and the person next to you is the sweetest looking lady. She reaches for your hand and proceeds to give you handshake that rattles your bones. Totally unexpected.


The mom said...

I have heard that teeth can be more sensitive during pregnancy. And, I can totally relate to not being able to brush your teeth due to feeling so sick. With Ben that is when I would be the sickest. Ugh... it will pass though!

Anonymous said...

Love the post & pictures!

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

Too, too funny.

My husband is like that. They There's a note on his records that he has a very sensitive gag reflex. And then the hygienist doesn't want to have him throw up on her, so his cleaning is always done quickly.