Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy Bee

This week has turned into a busy-crazy week! Mostly with work. We have several deadlines to meet, mailings to send out, and a new bulletin format to settle with. Also a co-worker's mother became very ill and was hospitalized. That threw off our office schedule, meaning I've been having to stay later than I normally do to help cover. Normally not a problem, but I'm not sleeping well right now. I'm working to figure out a better system for me to stay asleep. I wake with every slightest noise, can't get comfortable, and when my DH shifts around, he pushes the mattress down which throws off my equilibrium thereby triggering the nausea...

Our appt. on Tuesday went well! Got my wellness exam updated, weight checked, sugars checked, lots of family medical history gone over, and she tried for a heartbeat (just for fun).

Our nurse practioner had told us we might not be able to hear it yet since it was so early, so not to freak out if we didn't hear the babe. Well, she heard the babe a few times very faintly and I thought I heard a very fast "bump, bump, bump," but very quiet. I was holding my breath trying to listen. She said at our next appt. in 4 weeks, we should for sure very clearly hear the babe.

So it was a good visit and definitely peaceful. Then the craziness at work started. I'm hoping to get some time this weekend to do some light housework (if the nausea permits) and meet with a girlfriend who has some maternity clothes for me to borrow. It will be nice to try on some outfits and get a feel for what I like before I make some purchases.

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