Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's Going On

1) Frustrated with blogspot's inability to fix the layout issue in a timely manner. Lord, thank you for the opportunity to grow in patience.

2) Today, I actually notice the baby belly. I look quite round, like there is a small basketball starting to protude from my abdomen. Exciting!

3) More rain and tornadoes in the forecast for today. Why does it always happen on Tuesday?

4) Monthly Doctor appt. scheduled for tomorrow. A regular appt, but we do get to schedule the 20 week ultrasound. Should be right around Easter.

5) Inviting friends over for Easter Dinner. Working on my menu. I'm taking all ideas and suggestions for foods that you have made a tradition on your Easter Table or would like to include. Thanks!

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Catholic Wife and Mother said...

I have been meaning to do a lamb cake for years. My grandparents always had one, but I never touched it because I thought it had lamb in it. Now that I know what it is, I WANT ONE! I want one of Grandma's, but I'm too late for that! :-)