Friday, April 11, 2008

Silly Meme

Some inner desires and urges...

1. I've got the urge to defy our homeowner's association and plant a garden anyways.

2. Fly in one of those little planes (I want to say "micro-lights") like in Fly Away Home.

3. Sell everything we have and move to Rome, so DH can pursue a Ph.D. in Patristics.

4. Buy a Farm and homestead.

5. Get all the books on my Amazon wish list.

6. Learn to sew, so I can pretty dresses for the girls. [Inspired by Kristen]

7. Give in to my pregnancy cravings for Mexican food everyday.

8. Spring clean...again. This time in my DH's office, aka: The cave.

9. Watch Hockey and eat ice cream. (Really am doing this tonight, thanks to this website.)

10. Put in a few more shelves in closets to help get things organized before little girl's arrival.

H/T to Kimberly

This one was fun to think and mull over; if you feel inspired to do so, please do!


The mom said...

I've been craving mexican food every day of my pregnancy too! Must be a little girl thing:)

Kimberly said...


I say go with the Mexican food craving! That's what got me through the last four pregnancies...mmmmm...grilled chicken's Friday!

Esther said...

I wish I knew how to sew too. I do sew some things by hand though. I enjoyed reading your responses.