Thursday, July 31, 2008

"This is my son, Ahchoo"

Update: Correction, I definitely have what DH had and now it's full blown. The doc prescribed antibiotics yesterday which we started right away. But this is bad...really bad. I'm headed back to bed in hope of sleep.

I don't think I have whatever DH was struggling with (who is now on the mend, thank you for your prayers), but I've definitely been hit with at least a cold.

-stuffy head and ears
-watery itchy eyes
-drainage in the throat
-going through lots of tissues
-so tired, but unable to really rest

So we go to the doc this afternoon for our check-up; we'll see what he thinks. Hopefully I can get some rest so as to be better off for upcoming labor. But God's grace is sufficient, so no worries.

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