Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Surprise Visit

These past 17 days of Pearl-ness have been wonderful, sleep-deprived, hysterical, exciting, overwhelming, humbling, and so much fun!

We definitely struggled in the beginning with nursing and still have a few hurdles but for the most part we're doing well. Pearl is putting on weight and loves to nurse. She is definitely a milk monster. We're just working on her latch technique.

I haven't much time for anything since I'm sleeping when she sleeps and when she's up I'm nursing or trying to feed myself. I lost 20 pounds in the first 2 weeks! I was quite surprised to see that much come off so soon. The swelling in my feet is all gone but I still can't wear my wedding rings yet. Hopefully that will continue to improve. I miss wearing them.

On Sunday we were blessed to have a surprise visitor. My best friend, Sr. Giovanna Mariae, made her first vows on the 15th of August with the Sisters of Life. She is on her home visit and was able to come see us for two days. It was so amazing to spend that time with her and have her meet Pearl. We had planned to attend her vows but with Pearl due on the 10th had told her in Dec. that we would be unable to attend. So it was such a joy to have her visit for two days and tell us about her profession. I eagerly await photos taken by her family who were there.

So now we're on our own for a few days and then more family comes to visit this weekend. Hopefully by then, my DH will be feeling better. We're not sure what it is but he is highly allergic to something in the house. It just showed up a few days ago, but he is completely covered in hives. We're not sure if it's a new chair in the house or the baby wipes we had been using. They contain lanolin and some people have an allergy to that substance. I tossed those wipes and got some hypoallergenic ones and we've moved the new chair out of the way for a bit. Yikes!

So we're doing really well. Busy with the babe and thinking that at some point I'll have a routine:) But each day is a gift and I'm enjoying it so much. Thank you for all the lovely comments! I am feeling really good. Once we got through the first week my mobility picked back up and I wasn't as sore. We had family visit the first weekend and it was nice to use their extra hands. Pearl even has some adoring, grandparents!

Yesterday was our anniversary and today's Mass was offered for our family and intentions. We took all of you in our hearts!


Esther said...

Oh what a precious little blessing!

Happy Anniversary too.

Glad to read you had a nice visit with your friend Sister G. M.

and lastly, I hope your DH feels better soon.

Jackie Parkes said...

Wonderful post..

antonia said...

aw! Thank you so much for sharing your updates!!!!!!!!

Maggie is super cute!! (although I had already been gazing on her adorableness on facebook!)


Kim said...

Oh, how precious. :) Elise and I are also working out some latch issues, but I think we're getting it taken care of.

P.s. Happy anniversary! :D

Kathy said...

Your little one is adorable!!! Congrats! :)