Wednesday, September 24, 2008


If you remember, say a pray for DH and I this evening. We have been asked to give a talk and lead discussions with our local Catholic college students about Christian courtship. He and I have been working on our talk outline and I know the Holy Spirit will guide us tonight. I just feel frazzled with the little one. We got up for Mass this morning and I felt horrible waking her up to get there. She felt horrible about it too and let everyone know...all during Mass. So we left right after Mass to come home and soothe Her Fussiness. After a lot of nursing and cuddling, she laid down for a nap pretty easily. Hopefully she'll wake up on the other side of the crib and be good this afternoon and evening during our talk.


Kim said...

hugs and prayers!!

antonia said...

aw! I hope it goes well! Will pray for you!