Sunday, October 19, 2008


We had our Octoberfest last night. So good...I think Autumn is truly my favorite time of year (despite being in Florida in which we don't have that season). I make all kinds of Fall goodies that make me think I'm in colder weather, I just can't go outside or the effect is ruined.

So last night we decided to get together with our good friends (groomsmen from our wedding) and party in honor of our German and Slavic roots. Also the fact that three of the five had lived in either Germany or Austris at some point. Tim was in charge of soft pretzels, DH had brats on the grill, Aldin was in charge of the brew, I had cabbage and noodles and apple strudel...Adam was looker on and Pearl watcher while we cooked.

I wish I had gotten some pictures of the meal and general goings on, but am resolved to do so next year. I would have worn my dirndl, but it will definitely not fit my post-partum figure:)


Moving on...the pretzels came out great. We made the dough at our house but Tim was in charge of the boiling and baking. He did a great job, though a bit heavy handed on the salt. The brats were "marinated" in beer before they were grilled. We had three different kinds of brats and many kinds of mustard. One was encouraged to also top with kraut but it was not required.

My cabbage and noodle dish is actually called Halushka, a slavic dish of which there are many variations depending on which country you are in. I made the basic dish last night, sauteing onion slices with cabbage shreds (one onion, half head of cabbage, half stick of butter) in the butter till nice and glisteny. I also cook some egg noodles and add to the cabbage when wilted down. You can add more butter if needed. Be sure to salt generously; it brings out the flavor of the cabbage.

For the strudel, I decided to downscale and go simple. It wasn't very strudelesque, but quite tasty and hence dubbed "apple thingy."

Pearl was quite entertained by the boys and they couldn't get enough of her. Anytime she made a sound one of them was right there to see what was the matter and make faces. We were able to be there for about 3 hours before Pearl became a little too cranky. She was getting tired but didn't want to close those peepers with the fun going on. Polka music, a couple of steins and good friends=good times.

Happy Octoberfest!

Now if only we could get some cooler weather...

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