Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hallowed Days

We spent All Hallows Eve with friends as has been our tradition the past two years. It was especially fun this year to dress up Pearl. She wore a little ghost onesie for the evening, but dressed as St. Clare for the costume contest. I went as St. Gianna Molla (ie: wearing a lab coat and stethoscope) and DH was St. Lawrence (using a rope, barbeque skewer and tissue paper "fire")

We had a lovely time, though it was quite warm in the house due to the large number of guests. I ended up changing Pearl into a shortsleeve onesie halfway into our visit since she was getting pretty sweaty.

I decided to bring along a treat shamelessly stolen inspired by Catholic Cuisine. They were quite tasty and DH is happy we have some extra nutter butters.

It's been an eventful weekend for us with Pearl having her first real laugh (this low-pitched chuckle) and starting to roll from her tummy to her back. She's also trying really hard to get from back to tummy, but not quite there yet. She moves to her side and starts to twist her upper body but can't get her legs flipped over. It's quite funny to watch; I think it's the cloth diaper bulkage that is hindering her. Oh well, she'll get there eventually.

I tested out two recipes lately--zucchini bread and pumpkin bread--to see which I prefered to make for Christmas gifts this year. The pumpkin bread ended up being a bit too dense. I substituted some applesauce into the recipe, but shoud have adjusted better to compensate. So I think I'm leaning more toward the zucchini bread, especially after my father-in-law couldn't get enough of it and asked for a loaf just for him at Christmas time:)

I'm about halfway through my Christmas present shopping/making. Hopefully this week I'll have the time to make two more store runs. I'm excited to finish accumulating items and start wrapping. Thus begins my favorite time of the year, November thru January!


E: said...

Maggie - i mean - St Clare,
Excellent monstrance! Did you're mommy help you make that?

Jackie Parkes said...

Wow..amazing post & you're so organised!