Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

So I've resigned myself that my house will never be as clean as I would like it to be. Seriously...

This was most upsetting to me (I had sleepless nights , laying awake dreaming of dust bunnies with sharp teeth).

But I've come to realize that while I can do a pretty good job, there will always be something else to do, and I really should just let go and let God.

Now that doesn't mean I'm giving up cleaning and praying that cleaning angels come in the middle of the night to scrub my floors (although that would be nice).

It means I'm not going to be so OCD about it. That means putting down the broom and playing with my daughter when she reaches for me. That means to stop dusting when my husband takes a break from work to have lunch with us. That means putting aside the vacuum to sit and nurse my baby while praying the rosary.

I've been putting them off because I want to serve them in a clean and spotless house. But truthfully they need me to be more present to them.

So while still maintaining our home:

I promise to not be so uptight about everything having to be perfect.
I promise to sit down and rest and play and enjoy and be joy to my family...

with His help and grace. It is all through Him and for Him. All the Saints in heaven, PRAY FOR ME!

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