Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clothing Options

So this is a rant...just warning.

I am getting so frustrated with clothes.

First off, it was when I was maternity shopping; it seemed like all the skirts I could find were minis and many tops were either really loud patterned and blousy or teeny-bopperesque. It really irritated me, but I plugged along.

Then came the post-partum figure where my maternity clothes were too big and my pre-baby clothes were too small. I had such a small selection I was doing laundry every third day just for me.

Now I am looking for nursing tops and dresses that accommodate for discreet and modest nursing.

Why is everything?

1) Ridiculously expensive
2) Too low cut (I don't want that kind of attn.)
3) In awful colors and patterns

Is it wrong to want to pay a fair price (not obscene) for a top that is modern, classy, and nursing accessible?!

I don't want to wear layers of clothes in order to lift the top one to access a nursing tank. I live in Florida. It is wicked hot; layers are not good. I can tell you this even in the winter! I don't want to even imagine July.

Yeah, so this is frustrating to me. Nursing is the most important thing I can do for our baby. Why don't people get it!!

There is such a disparity (warning: stereotype ahead) between the uber-rich crunchy folks who nurse because it's "green" and the families that realize the expense of formula and nurse out of financial necessity. Granted that's not all the folks out there, but I wanted to make a point.

Most people cannot afford to pay $70 just for a shirt!!

And the others don't want to pay a reasonable price for some hideous mumu!!

Meet us in the middle, designers. You'll have a larger and happier clientele.

One unhappy nursing mama


Kim said...

Oh man, I hear you. I've given up on nursing tops all together - I do the layered thing, which works in Montana right now. I haven't thought about what to do in the summer. :X

Mrs. M said...

I am six months pregnant and also live in FL and I really feel your pain. Thankfully my mother sews so she has made all of my maternity skirts, but finding tops to wear with them has been really hard. I have also started looking at nursing clothes because I know its going to be hard to find those as well and my only suggestion is to keep searching and looking for sales. I found some nice stuff at Motherwear but it can be expensive, but I got some things on sale and on clearance.

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

I hear you! There is nothing for those who cannot (or will not!) pay $70 for a shirt.

And I have no clever solutions, except to say that I've gotten good at nursing discreetly, even without the nursing wear.