Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tax Return Tuesday

It's that time of year again...Tax Season.

We file ours in Februray and this year is no different. The fun part is deciding what to do with our tax return:) We have been talking about giving an amount to our church for its building campaign and now that we know how much we are getting back, we can go ahead and settle that amount. Hurray!

So that is about 2/3 of the return, but what to do with the rest?

DH asked what I would like to do with the money and I said that there were only a few things I have been thinking about saving up to purchase.

1. Jogging Stoller. Pearl and I go on walks in the neighborhood, but with our current stroller I'm afraid to walk to fast as the bumps don't go so well. With a jogging stoller I can really pick up my pace. As it has been cooler, I tend to wear her in the sling. (Great to keep her warm and really gives me a work out.) However, with the warm weather approaching rapidly the thought of wearing her in 90 degree heat already causes a trickle of sweat down my shoulderblades. Any recommendations?

2. Cloth Swim Diapers. With that heat approaching so do the days of pool time fun. So as a family that uses clothies, I was thinking clothies for the pool too. I've been checking out these ones.

The only other items that came to mind were an Easter dress for me and DH mentioned wanting a few books from his wish list.

The rest of the money goes in the piggy bank.

Any special plans/ideas for your own?


antonia said...

hmm i didnt even know you could buy cloth swim diapers. interesting! will check out the link!

Kim said...

We bought an Ergo that was returned to them because someone didn't like the colors. It's the Hawaiian print and was cheaper (with shipping) than a new one without. :)