Saturday, April 25, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. DH is set to graduate on May 9th with his Masters in Pastoral Theology through Ave Maria. Wahoo!! It's been a long three years ar times, but so good. A wonderful program, but it will be nice to get our weekends back. We are planning on staying with his parents in Venice for a few days before the ceremony. His sister is planning on flying in as a surprise.

2. Pearl's first tooth is pushing through her gums. We have a spike! It's really sharp and she likes to grab my hand and stick it in her mouth and bite down. Youchy. I give her all sorts of things to chew on but she still prefers my hand.

3. My house is covered in piles of books right now. There is a pile on the couch, coffee table, dining room table, my nursing tray...I think they are taking over.

4. Which is a bad thing since I have to get the house clean by wed. I have a friend visiting and she told another friend that I was throwing her a baby shower...I don't remember saying anything like that, but oh well. Good times to be had by all! I'm planning a Mexican taco night and have divvied up tasks. I'm on for food and location, one is on for party favors and cake, another is planning the games, and another for the game prizes and MCing the event.

5. DH has a business trip in DC for a conference. Part of me was really tempted to find a cheap ticket and crash at at a friend's house for the week while he is in conference...but then I got told that I was throwing a Baby Shower. Stink!

6. It's really hot already in Florida. It's times like these that I wish I lived up North. Anywhere north of here would be better. I miss seasons!!!

7. I need a wardrobe. Not even a new wardrobe, but a wardrobe. I looked in my closet and realized that other than my maternity clothes, I really only have three tops for the summer. Umm, I think that might be a problem. I have denim skirts in all lengths, but only three tops. So I think I'll be hitting the consignment shops sometime this week.

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Kim said...

Congratulations DH!! :D I have the inverse problem as you - I have a ton of tops, and not many denim skirts (I love the denim!). Good luck at the consignment shops - I want to go back to the thrift stores and see if any good denim has arrived. :)