Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

I've been mulling somethings around lately and it wasn't until I had a nice chat with my sister-in-law the other day that the thoughts were actually put to words.

I'm sure you know how that is. Letting something be pondered til the right time comes to give it flesh.

This past month has been a rough one spiritually for me. I've definitely been kicked in the pants by the Lord...and that's a good thing.

Albeit it hurts, but in the end it is good.

I've been slacking and slothful and whole lot of other things that urge me forward to confession. However, I have been wallowing in some self pity and depression and an attitude of "I'll-never-conquer-this" and blah blah blah.

And you know what?

I will never conquer these sins of mine if I keep hanging on to them instead of letting God work in me.

(You know it took me the whole month to get to that "Aha!!" moment...and I've been down this road before. You would think I would have caught on?)

So earlier this week, I woke up (literally) and decided to shake myself out of that funk. So now I'm awake (figuratively) and doing some serious examination of conscience.

There is a lot to be examined, a lot to be accounted for, and lot to be transformed.


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