Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why I like Hi-Test

(That means full strength coffee)

because after days of de-caf. I get extra energy and get things done!!

Take for example today:

-breakfast for myself and Pearl
-start diaper laundry
-picked up dry cleaning, donations to Goodwill, library book exchange
-home and Pearl down for nap
-moved books from two bookcases into third bookcase.
-organize books of fourth bookcase

-turned bookcase around to hold Pearl's toys

-lunch for all three of us
-quick with Pearl outside to get the mail and check out birds in bond and trees (Pearl's new favorite thing is to compare trees)
-clean out coffee table and Pearl-proof

-vacuum house
-clean kitchen and dining room table
-clean guest bathroom
-Pearl down for afternoon nap
-rosary and meditation
-bake triple batch of cookies
-dinner for Pearl
-bath for Pearl
-help DH with project
-dinner for myself
-winding down with Pearl
-Pearl down for bed

I would just like to thank whoever figured out coffee!


Warren&Cherise said...

I love the idea of the shelf with a few toys for Maggie. We do something similar-- a little trick I picked up from the Montessori school. With the preschoolers we used trays with their "work" on the shelves. For example a tray might have stacks of laminated pictures of vertebrates and invertebrates and their work would be to sort them out into the respective category. Part of the discipline was that they had to return the work the shelf and it made the room really really organized. Other examples of "work" might be geometric shapes to arrange in patterns, puzzles, finger strengthening exercises to get ready for writing etc etc. The cubes in W's room are great because we can do something similar. Right now we have a toy with gears to help him learn cause effect, a shape sorter for geometry and other cool stuff. We can rotate the toys, too, so it keeps his space really exciting and is setting the stage for fun homeschooling.

Lucy said...


antonia said...

very productive

You know that toy maggie has on the bottom shelf; that 3D pyramid thing? Joseph has the EXACT same one! He likes the pink & green spinny things on it!!