Sunday, September 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. We had Spinach Lasagna for dinner on Friday. So easy! Our guests really enjoyed it and DH gave me a thumbs up too.

2. I've come across a new series of books that I hope to acquire for our family library.

3. Library visit this week to pick up a few more "sleep books" to get more ideas of what we can do to help Pearl sleep better. Mainly at night. She still sleeps fitfully and wants to nurse most of the night. I'm okay with our family bed, if she wouldn't roll around and kick us and then whine to nurse.

4. Flashback to my childhood when these movies became available to watch instantly on Netflix. Don't think most are appropriate for family. I never realized how much innuendo there was!

5. Discovered that Pearl reacts to eggs! She seemed to love the taste, but immediately upon contact with her skin she broke out and then her face was super itchy. Yikes, so no wheat, dairy or eggs. We hope to re-introduce dairy first, but will still hold off on the wheat and eggs for a bit.

6. Steelers are on tv this afternoon. I'm very much hoping that we get to watch some of the game. Wahoo!

7. I put Pearl's hair into pigtails this week. Just long enough I think to make it work. Her papa and I think this is too cute!


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the pig tails are adorable!