Sunday, November 29, 2009

And we're back!

We spent the entire week with my in-laws in South Florida and had a lovely time. They had a blast with Pearl and she loved every minute of it. They have a little play kitchen all set up and she had the most fun playing shopping and setting the table. This week she finally mastered getting off the couch the right way and not walking off the edge. She also figured out blowing kisses and uses the word "up." We are definitely hearing more definitive babble at this point. Lots more variety in her intonation and many sounds.

She has been calling my mother-in-law "Um-Um" for Grandma and had been saying "Um-Pa" for Grandpa. However, this week she started saying "Dad's-Daddy" really fast when she wants my father-in-law. Too cute.

We accomplished many projects during this past week with the guys working on the cars, putting together a desk unit, fixing the water heater for their hot tub, and making a secret Christmas present for my mom. I was able to pick up a few more Christmas presents as well and ran errands with my MIL.

We had a Thanksgiving brunch with my DH's grandfather and his friend, Ms. Ann. They had already planned on having dinner with Ms. Ann's daughter, so we had a brunch and then a later dinner. It was a lot of fun and Pearl had a great time with Great-Grandpa Al.

Between the Macy's Parade and football in the afternoon, there was a lot of TV watching. I don't think they minded:)

We had a safe trip back this afternoon and now after dinner, Pearl is winding down in her crib and DH and I are planning to watch the Steeler's game. With two quarterbacks out, this could be an interesting game.

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