Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Option

So after Pearl's fever on Thursday, we were much relieved. Saturday, however, she awoke with blisters appearing on her feet, hands and mouth. They do not seem to be itchy or bothersome but very peculiar.

We decided to go ahead and attend our friends' wedding since they are such dear friends. I chalked up the rash to heat rash.

While at the wedding another friend commented that she thought it looked like "Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease." She didn't sound too alarmed about it and we looked it up on DH's phone. She said it was going around her classroom and no real treatment or precautions, just to be vigilant about washing hands and surfaces. Indeed, the Internet said we have to let it run its course.

I will be calling the doctor tomorrow to let them know. Ironic that we went in on Tuesday, Pearl was fine. Two days later Pearl shows classic signs of HFMD. Maybe playing and LICKING the toys at the DR's office did it...Hmm? Stinker!

Sooo, probably no outings this week. Le sigh.

Here is us with our friends, the newly married Dan and Regina!!

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antonia said...

aw! sorry to hear of her HFMD!

Lovely pic!