Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekend Plans

Today is going to be a whirlwind day.

On the agenda:

-put dinner in the crockpot--Split Pea Soup
-finish up all house chores (including vacuuming and mopping the floors)
-pick up special food needed for in-laws visit
-work on newsletter for Campus Ministry(putting articles in template!)
-Adoration in the evening

It's mainly getting the chores done and grocery shopping that are getting to me. I normally don't shop for groceries on Friday, it's all done earlier in the week. But the in-laws are coming so we need some certain items.

Also I normally stagger my cleaning chores so I don't feel the full brunt of them. However, I want to have the highest possibility of having clean floors for their visit, so I decided that doing that today would be best.

I'm still deciding what to wear to DH's cousin's wedding on Sunday. A little odd with a wedding on Sunday evening, but I'm sure it will work out. We are planning on attending Mass on Saturday since DH is on for the sound ministry. That should make Sunday easier too.

Anyways, back to fashion. Since I started purging through my closet my options are becoming increasingly limited. I hope to do some shopping after the New Year, but that doesn't solve my problems today. I have a navy blue dress that fits--it's a nursing dress but you'd never know. The key is to accessorize it well. I can definitely wear pearls to dress it up, but I kind of want to use some of my other jewelry to jazz it up a bit.

I put a call out to a friend to stop by this week sometime to help me. I'll probably "play it safe" this weekend at the cousin's wedding, but we do have another one to attend next weekend. Totally different crowd so I'll wear the same dress.

I've never felt confident with fashion. As of late, it's all about wearing a style that is modest, feminine and classic. I feel comfortable when I keep that as my mantra.

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