Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ah Ha moment

This morning was one of those mornings.

You know, the kind where you think back and shudder.

I felt like I was reprimanding Pearl every moment trying to keep her out of things and entertained while I got breakfast on the table. She was so loud and I kept shushing her so DH could get a little more sleep.

I decided on Oatcakes for breakfast, since Pearl has enjoyed these in the past. They take a little time, but worth the effort. So I'm chasing Pearl with a spatula in my hand as I remember to go back to the griddle to flip.

They finally are ready, so I plate a few and put a little bit of syrup for Pearl to dip them in. A feeling of accomplishment washes over me as Pearl settles in to her breakfast.

Three bites later and Pearl is covered in syrup and has tossed her plate to the floor. Oatcakes are everywhere. She has now figured out how to put just the right amount of pressure on her sippy cup so the water comes out onto the table and she is "painting" with it.

I wipe her down, clean up the mess, and place her back on the floor to play. Sighing in exasperation I watch as she tries to touch the hot griddle just out of her reach, she goes to pull the Advent lights off the tree, pull stockings of the mantle, rips up DH's new cabelas magazine, tries to get everything off the dining room table, attempts to climb up chairs and onto the desk.

So many reprimands and redirctions,

"Pearl, that is hot. No touch, hurt Pearl."

"Pearl, that is not your magazine to play with, that is papa's. Please put it down."

"Pearl, no maam! Do not pull the placemat in order to get to the cup that is not yours!"

I finally gave in and went to wake up DH as I needed back up. Taking a breather in another room, I suddenly realized how this is so much like how we respond to the Lord.

"Here, let me make you this wonderful, healthy and wholesome meal"--which we toss on the floor.

We try to touch all the things we are not supposed to, and He moves our hands and says no for our own good. But how often do we see that it is for our own good?

We get frustrated and yell and scream and throw tantrums.

Yet, He continues to pursue us and seek us out and loves us despite our cranky, toddler-like ways.

Thank you, Lord!

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antonia said...

nice reflection