Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Few Quick Highlights

The fourth week of Advent brought some "fun" surprises:

1. I believed Pearl to be napping in her crib, but when I heard some odd sounds I went in to investigate...and found her sans pants, sans diaper, and covered in poo. She evidently thought that finger painting could be improved upon. DH took a picture, he was so amused, but I will not be posting it.

2. Pearl wanted to help wrap presents but slipped on some extra paper and fell into the brick fire place splitting her chin open. She didn't require stitches and pulled the Steri-Strips off that were supposed to last a week within 30 min. I believe she'll have a slight scar, but hopefully not.

3. Pearl opened her Christmas presents surrounded by kleenex this year because she has a cold. The slight fever, constantly runny nose, sneezing, generally clingy and fussy, kind of cold. Christmas Mass at Dawn was a little rough for us due to the tantrums she was throwing. After she bit me, I took her to the vestibule. However, she was super cute in her dress that I got FREE!

4. We discovered that Pearl and I eat our Asparagus the same way:)

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