Monday, December 14, 2009

Live Nativity

Last night, our family traveled to Bethlehem via our neighborhood Lutheran Church.

They offered a (free) Live Nativity and invited all to come and take a journey to Bethlehem to see the Christmas Story.

I must say that they put A LOT of effort and time into this endeavor. While you waited for your group to set off on this walking tour, you were treated to several choirs within their sanctuary. Very lovely.

Once the tour commenced, you journeyed first to John the Baptist who set the stage and told you where we would be starting: the promise of his birth to Zechariah. From there, we also saw the angel Gabriel appear to Mary, followed Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem. We also were counted by the census takers and walked through a jewish marketplace. Very loud! Pearl was a little taken aback and the people yelling trying to get you to buy their wares.

We left Mary and Joseph to settle into the manger, while we visited the shepherds in the fields surrounded by a multitude of angels. There were live sheep and goats being tended to.

The manger scene was beautifully done and we were invited to sing Silent Night together as a group for the Baby Jesus.

The last two stops on our journey were to the palace of King Herod when he commands the Magi to bring him news of the Christ Child and the house where the Magi meet the Holy Family and share with them their dream to go home another way.

The tour was completed by the Church inviting the participates to worship with them for Christmas services and an offering of refreshments.

So much hard work went into this endeavor and it was just lovely. We all had a great time and hope to go again next year.

One of our favorite Advent Traditions growing up was going to a Live Nativity in my hometown so it was wonderful to find one where we currently live.

You may have heard the story of St. Francis and the Christmas Creche; if not, it is indeed worth sharing with our children as we show them our own Nativity scenes at Church and in our homes.

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