Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small Successes


1. I've been menu planning like crazy. Instead of our normal three week rotating menu, I needed to devise a Christmas Week menu. Check. Also have been brainstorming the week after Christmas. We are hosting several groups of people throughout that week. The FOCUS conference is taking place that week, and a group of attendees will be staying with us the night before they check in. I'm coming up with menu plans to reflect feeding a larger group than I'm used to. We will also see DH's sister for a few days and then friends that have recently moved away will be visiting us. Exciting!

2. Along those same lines, I am trying to streamline as much as I can before Christmas to make it easier to prepare for those groups after. So I have stacks of towels, sheets, and blankets ready to go. Tidying as much as I can so that way all I'll have to do is clean right before they get here.

3. Finally used up my 50 free prints at CVS! Yesterday we went to pick them up and they turned out great. Now out photo album is up to date and I have a few extra to put into a Christmas gift for DH's grandfather.

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