Sunday, January 17, 2010

Language progress

We've been teaching Pearl baby sign language since she was 9 mos. and we hit a wall about a month ago. Nothing doing, didn't want to learn any more new signs.

I came across the Baby Signing Time DVD's and purchased two of them. We've watched the first volume over the past three days and now Pearl is interested in signing again!

She asks for her movies and gets so excited to sit and sign with them.

Interestingly, she refuses to say or sign "cat." She always calls them "doggies."

However, when looking at her animal books she tried to say "alligator" and "monkey."

Yesterday, when DH was working on his computer and he was under his desk, Pearl walked up, squatted down, smiled at him, and said "Daddy under there!"


She chatters all the time and interacts like she's having a real conversation. I guess we're just beginning to have the "ears to hear."

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