Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Lovely Day

I had planned on an outdoor playdate for this morning with a good friend, but the rains prevented us from meeting at the park.

However, Pearl and I traveled to the Coast and had an indoor playdate!

She enjoyed playing with the boys so much and it was so cute to see the littles playing inside their fort.

I wish we had gotten a photo of them, but they were always on the move.

My friend, Sonia, and I got to have a nice visit and it was such fun to catch up and find out how much more we have in common.

I thought Pearl would nap on the way home, but she was very chatty the whole ride back. We had lunch upon our return and then it was time for a nap.

Or so I thought...

She went down willingly but for the next hour I heard her on the monitor just chattering away to her stuffed animals. She has a stuffed doggie and I heard her saying, "woof woof," over and over. Also heard her blowing kisses, presumably to the Crucifix that hangs over her crib.

So I was worried that she would be cranky when I went to get her, but she was great the rest of the afternoon while we played and then prepared two dishes to take to the students at the Campus Ministry's Tuesday Mass and Meal. She was pretty good during Mass and then sat down to eat rice, gumbo and fruit for dinner. (It was Mardi Gras themed) She had a lot of fun playing with our student buddies. We headed home right after eating since DH had to speak at the Men's Group meeting for our Parish this evening and then hockey after that. So I was solo on bedtime tonight. After a few squirmies, Pearl settled for her bedtime stories, prayers and nursing time. Went down easy again...and this time, no chattering:)

So what have I done this evening?

Enjoyed a little chocolate and the first episode of Emma. I love me some British Lit. and Films!

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