Monday, March 8, 2010

Water Leak Update

The plumber came by at lunchtime to take a look and determine where the water was leaking. Some drywall was cut out, he went into the wall, and found the leak. Faulty copper pipes from way back when were discovered to have started to corrode. Fixed up the faulties and notified the Home Owners Association since they had to sign for it.

I'm now in charge of keeping little Miss Sweet Cheeks out of the two holes in the walls. Hopefully this will dry out soon and they can come back to repair the drywall.

DH called the Insurance Company and an adjuster should be coming in the next few days to take a look at the damage. First and foremost being the floors that suffered the water damage. It smells in here. Moldy sitting water smell. Seriously gross and prevents me from even wanting to be in the kitchen. I'm hoping that they will pull up the floors and clean it out and replace the few sections that need it.

Not a fun way to start a Monday morning, but so glad that we're all okay and in relatively good spirits about it. I'm just chalking it up to Lent and adding some more beans to the Sacrifice jar.

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