Sunday, April 11, 2010

And thus it really begins...

The renovations.

We received the check from the insurance company this weekend. Now we can really begin since we have the moolah to start purchasing what's required:)

This week DH will be calling around to find out if any local stores carry the same style of cabinetry that we have in the kitchen. We would love to just replace the bottom cabinets if we can find a match since they are the only damaged part.

I will be packing up items to take to a storage unit. Plan is to clear out as much stuff as possible so we have access to the floor in the dining room. DH hopes to replace the flooring himself. We have to get under to see how bad the damage is. If it's too bad then we will tile it as well as the kitchen and bathrooms.

The house that we really like and hope to put on offer on still hasn't been listed. It's getting a little frustrating waiting on it. We've put our feelers out and basically said, "look, 1) we like this house 2) we know it needs work 3) we want to the do the repairs ourselves 4) so get it listed and we'll make you an offer 5) the market is bad, so take our offer and we'll take this house off your hands:)

However, nothing doing on the bank side yet. So prayers that things work out there. We're still keeping on eye on some other houses in the area to see what else pops up that meets our criteria.

St. Joseph, pray for us!

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