Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Today is our Pearl's actual birthday! We will be celebrating with DH's cousins. They have 4 kids and Pearl fits in between the bottom two. They have a blast together and we're looking forward to spending the day together.

Right now we're looking at playing in the pool and having a cook-out. Traditionally on the Feast of St. Lawrence, people only had cold foods since he was martyred over a grill.

However, we decided it would be more fun for the kids to grill hot dogs over the fire pit and have s'mores. There will be some cold food though; it's pretty warm in the afternoons.

There was talk that we might go raspberry picking too; hopefully, since that would be so cool!

Hope your August days are full of sun, family and friends!


E said...

Happy 2nd birthday, dear Pearl! What a blessing to mother a sweet little girl, Nicole! I am so sincerely happy for your beautiful family!!! Please give her huggys from her Ohio admirers!

Kim said...

YAY! Happy (belated) birthday, Pearl! God bless you! :D

antonia said...

happy birthday!!