Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why we do what we do

DH, Pearl and I just got back from 2 weeks away.

This was our rig. Our truck and a borrowed fifth wheel from a friend.

It was an awesome trip filled with family, friends, and adventures. We came away glad to come home, but seriously thinking that we will get one for family in the future. We loved being able to set up our "home" and DH could work during the week and we could both drive on the weekends and visit our loved ones.

Some of the few dear faces from our travels:

Pearl's birthday cookout at our campsite. Watermelon, s'mores, cupcakes, etc. all with her cousins. (Two pictured here)

Pearl with her new buddy, Greta. Greta's mom and I went to grade school together and they now live within a few miles of cousins we were visiting. We had a lovely lunch together:)

DH with his Goddaughter Molly. The first time they actually get to meet. You should have heard the sweet giggles coming from her and Pearl. They switched dads at one point and we getting tossed in the air and somersaults. They loved it!

So this is why we do what we do...to cultivate and nourish relationships. A little crazy to plan a "last minute" RV roadtrip, but we had a blast:)


Warren&Cherise said...

You are positively fabulous at nurturing relationships. The world is a stronger and better place because of your truly loving hearts. Praise God for you and may He bless you!

antonia said...

looks like you had a very special vacation!