Thursday, September 16, 2010


The other night found me worn out after handling Pearl's 2-year old trying times all day.

Maybe it was due to our lingering colds and lack of energy; maybe it was because I felt like I had raised my voice all day at her, (she didn't stop climbing shelves, making mischief, and being openly defiant) but I needed a break.

DH tool Pearl with him to pick up something at Best Buy so I could go to the Library and then to Target by myself. I was able to exchange my books and pick up a wedding present in relative peace.

I also took the opportunity for some prayer time as well. I'm sure people would have thought I was on a wireless headset, but I was just talking out loud to the Lord while driving. After my prayer time, though, I got that ache in my heart.

The one that comes when I remember that my two best friends are nuns and I can't call them up on the phone anymore for a good chat. (lump in throat)

I have several good friends here, but none that are that best friend I can call up and vent and get that sisterly compassion or kick in the butt (whatever the time calls for).

My next closet friends, unfortunately, don't live close. It's hard to have that distance. But I'm making plans and praying that the Lord provides so that we can make a few trips to see these special ladies in my life. Gems of friends that I miss so.

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Warren&Cherise said...

I hope you feel like you can always call.