Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Feast of St. Nicholas

Okay, one of my goals for the New Year is to take more pictures. I constantly am forgetting my camera wherever I go.

Yesterday it was quite cold here in FL (read, 45 degrees), but a group persevered and headed to a nearby park to celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas.

While the children got some playtime in, St. Nicholas stopped by to fill little shoes with a tangerine, a few gold covered chocolate coins, and smarties.

When the children discovered this, they all sat down to enjoy their treats and we told the story of St. Nicholas. We also had a holy card for them to assemble and a coloring page as well. Some brave kids attempted to take their mittens off to color,but we sent several home to be colored later.

Yesterday afternoon, Pearl and I watched the Veggie Tales story of St. Nicholas before making dinner. I thought it was really quite good. I like what one character said (a nun) that she gives not because it makes her happy but because she is happy. What is this happiness? Jesus!

After dinner, my ambition was to make gingerbread cookies. I added a tad too much water and needed a whole lot more flour to counteract the stickiness. But, they got made and while a little misshapen, they taste great. We will decorate them today and take them to share with the college students who have their last meal together at the student center before the Christmas break.

We're also off to the library in just a bit for storytime and to pick up the Tomie de Paola books I have on hold. Can you believe the public library has his book about Our Lady of Guadalupe?! Sweet!

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Warren&Cherise said...

Happiness is Jesus, indeed!!!!