Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Power of Words

Do you have "words of the year?"

I don't know why, but I do this every year.  Certain words become evident that they need more reflection in my life. 

The past few months, two words have come to the front and center of my life.

Joy and Courage.

A friend called recently and randomly shared two stories with me that made me want to hang up on her.  Because these two words jumped into mind and I had been "hearing" it from the Lord many times over and really I just didn't like it and decided to "hang up" on Him.  But, I couldn't just hang up on my friend, could I? That would be so rude! 

Yet, I hang up on Him countless time each day because I don't like what I'm hearing.

Thank you, Lord, for not giving up on me and sending me friends that say Your words and make it super clear that THIS is what I'm supposed to hear and do.

Her story about Joy was that a priest reminded her that Joy isn't a feeling.  It is a virtue, a habit that needs to be cultivated and worked at and sought after. 

I definitely have always seen it as a feeling and lamented the fact that as a Type A, Melancholic-Choleric personality, Joy just doesn't come to me naturally.  Well, pooey on that!!  I can be joyful too and want the Joy of Him who is Joy to radiate in my life.

But this will take Courage.  Courage to stand up to myself and my laziness and my fear.  I seek Courage to continually surrender to His plans.  To not ask, "How much is this going to hurt?" before saying Yes.

What are your words for 2011?

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Warren&Cherise said...

I read your post awhile back and did not have a chance to comment at the time by haven't stopped being inspired to chase virtue anew! Yay and thank you! You may share more joy with the world than you realize... Seriously, dear woman of God, there is a certain humility and joy that you are quite good at gifting with. I met you almost half a decade ago and am still smiling. That said, three cheers for practicing all of His virtues! We have some Good News to share with the world, He is risen! Praise the Lord. I agree, 2011 sounds like a perfect time to further perfect ourselves toward the joy of heaven. God bless you with His grace!