Monday, January 31, 2011

Roast Chicken

You know how getting a rotisserie chicken at the Supermarket makes for some super easy dinners?  Well you can do it at home too!! 

I was always a little intimidated about roasting a chicken, but I came across some helpful websites that have given me so much more confidence with this.

While I don't always have the money to buy the quality of chicken that I'd prefer, I do wait until the store (Publix) across the street has their store brand of whole chickens on sale.  Typically they are about 1.19/lb. and all natural with no hormones.

Easiest instructions ever for roasting in the oven: My Favorite Simple Roast Chicken

Just remember to thoroughly dry the chicken inside and out before placing inside your oven.  The wetter the bird, the more she will sizzle and pop, creating all kinds of mess in your oven.

Another easy recipe for crockpot cooking is Whole chicken in a crock pot.  This is awesome because it also gives instructions for turning the carcass into Chicken Broth to use in later recipes.  Super frugal!

And finally, some tips to stretch that one chicken across several meals.

Happy Cooking!


Lucy said...

This is my go-to. We probably have a roast chicken every other week or two. I usually do the crock-pot method and then make chicken broth as well. Some of our favorite leftover chicken recipes are chicken pot-pie and BBQ chicken pizza. I also made some yummy chicken tortilla soup with the broth and leftover chicken!

Jeni said...

our fav too! I love it with roast veggies. You can do 2 chickens too and freeze the meat for meals like those Lucy mentioned for later. And the drippings go into a pot with the bones (water and veg scraps) to simmer for broth!! So good.

I dry our chicken and stuff it with whole garlic or lemon then pour on some olive oil and salt for really nice crispy chicken. The best!