Wednesday, February 23, 2011

9 1/2 weeks

Labs drawn this week showed a surge in progesterone and HCG levels. Wahoo!  I'm feeling good because I'm feeling bad:)

Lots of ickies and sickies.  God is Good.  Praying for holy energy each day.

Pearl and I have been enjoying old episodes of Sesame Street (circa 1970's) in the afternoons when its a little rough.

Keep up the prayers, prayer warriors!

Thank you:)


Jeni said...

I'm sorry you feel sick but yaaahoooo!! That totally makes my day. Will keep up the prayers! <3

:D :D :D

antonia said...

great news!

Kim said...

YAY!! Still praying!!

domenicoandsonia said...

Praise God!! That is awesome news, Nicole! I'll keep up with the prayers!