Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coffee and Conversation

Our Parish mother's group has an evening meeting once a month titled, "Coffee and Conversation." Each month has a different topic and it is always well attended.

I have never had the opportunity to go as DH leads the College Men's group on thursday nights.  This week, however, it conveniently falls on a thursday where the college students have a Holy Hour planned and DH is not needed to lead.


I am looking forward to attending tonight as the theme is Fostering Vocations.  The particular focus is on vocations to the religious life by women.  One of the sisters in the Diocese is coming to speak on how our families can be helpful to nurturing our daughters in their discernment journey.

This is close to my heart since I myself discerned religious life pretty seriously (had my application papers) and I have several close friends who have entered various orders.

There is such beauty is learning who we are made in His Likeness, our gifts, our talents, our temperment, and ultimately our call to be close to Him.

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