Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A bit of a scare

I have been experiencing some discomfort the last few days and got very concerned for the pregnancy.  I did have the labs drawn yesterday but am still waiting on results.  I called to see if the Dr. could see me due to my concerns and thankfully he had an opening.

So we dropped Pearl off at a dear friend who offered to watch while we made the drive down. (Dr's office is 50 minutes away) 

Dr. said I am measuring right on target at 13 weeks.  He also checked for baby's heartbeat and found it right away.

Praise God!!

So we'll wait for the lab results to determine future course for addressing the hormone imbalance, but as of now this little one is okay.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!

It was such joy and peace of mind to hear that heartbeat.  Tears of joy from both DH and I when we heard his/her heart beating with mine.  We heard the babe by himself a couple of times and then Dr. got ours together.  It was the coolest to hear them together. 

So advised to rest and drink more fluids the next couple of days.  Just keeping an eye on things to see if that discomfort goes away.

All the Saints in Heaven, keep praying for us!


Jeni said...

take it easy! Glad to hear the good news and hope you get back a great lab report!!!

antonia said...

sorry to hear about the pain but thank God the baby's heart was beating so perfectly! It must be a scary time.

God bless

Kim said...

Praise the Lord!! Still praying for you and Babe!

domenicoandsonia said...

Thank the good Lord! That is good to hear! Will keep on praying!