Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a ....

So we had our ultrasound this past Friday.  We definitely wanted to know gender if we could since Pearl has been so adamant this whole time about a baby boy.  We thought it wise to find out 1) if she's right, we'll need to get boy things or 2) if she's wrong we have time to get her okay with a little sister.

Anyways, so babe is super mellow and laid back on the screen.  Just relaxed and enjoying it in there.  It was awesome to see babe moving around.  Dr. said measurements looked right on track for both babe and myself.  Pleased with how things looked and how I'm feeling right now.

Tech. had to jiggle my belly around quite a  bit to see if babe would change positions and be more "accommodating."  Finally, she said, "looks like a GIRL." 

Pearl started to cry and said, "No, Boy!!"

Tech. said she'd look again and took another picture and said again, girl.  lol.

That was Friday and on Sunday Pearl was saying girl and calling the babe her name.  She seems to be doing better and we pray that they will be sweet sisters and best friends. 

We are very excited about another princess for our King:)


Kim said...

Oh, how exciting! A sister for Pearl! Congratulations and I know Pearl will be a spectacular big sister. And hurray that everything is a-okay!

antonia said...

Aw! Sisters! And you will have another daughter! What a blessing!

Audrey said...

I love this entry :) So excited for all of you!!! Glad Pearl is enjoying her sister already!