Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Goals

In the remaining time I have before the Princess's arrival, I have a few projects to work on and complete this summer.

1) Stay on top of and finish Master's class--> early August
2) Plan calendar of playdates for our church 0-5 year old group for Fall and preliminary planning of Spring.
3) Plan out curricula for Pearl for this upcoming year. (longer post to follow)
4) Pick out Feast Days to celebrate
5) Make supplies list for both Feast Days and Curricula by month to have handy for preparations
6) Finish getting things ready in the girls' room
7) Re-Read thru birth books, practice relaxation techniques with DH, and continue to meet with Doula.

This among a few trips to see family and lots of parties this summer with friends either in town or on break (teachers or students).  It should be a busy and fun summer.

Of course filled with things that make every summer fun for little ones:

-making homemade popcicles
-swimming at the pool
-playing with the hose
-library storytimes
-library's summer reading program
-eating juicy watermelon
-blowing bubbles
-listening for crickets
-looking for stars
-harvesting veggies and herbs from summer garden
-taking trips to see the grandparents
-playing at the splash park with friends
-swim lessons
-drinking ice cold lemonade
-summer birthdays and parties
-our 5th wedding anniversary in August
-preparing for a baby sister
-watching movies during afternoon thunderstorms
-finger painting and play dough during aforementioned thunderstorms

and I'm sure a whole host of other things.  I know I'll be enjoying ice water and air conditioning as much as I can amidst activities.  Summer in Florida is not one of my favorite things, but we'll make do.  Any cool summer plans?

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Kim said...

"Plan out curricula for Pearl for this upcoming year."

I'm looking forward to this post! :-)