Monday, June 13, 2011

Swim Lessons Cont.

We started our third week of swim lessons this morning.  Initially we were only going to do 2 weeks, but at the end felt that Pearl would benefit from another week.  So early mornings at the pool, which works out so nice with our intense Florida sun.

I am very happy with where Pearl is at right now.  2 weeks ago she couldn't do anything in the pool.  Now she can jump in, use her arms to "dig and pull" and kick her legs to swim to us.  It's not a great stroke, but for a 2 year old not bad.  She swims about 10 ft. between DH and I and goes back and forth several times.  She can swim to the steps, uses help but can get rings underwater, and generally has a really good time in the water. 

I would like her to behave better at swim lessons which is why we're doing the 3rd week.  She fusses most of the over and tries to run over to me and doesn't listen to her teachers.  She manipulates them so they will help her.  Stinker!  :)  She can totally jump in on her own now, but will still tell them she can't.  So yeah, we need to work on this "person in authority" thing.

I'm glad that she swims well with us at home, but she needs to continue learning skills and following through with what is asked of her by them.  I'm okay with her looking to me for approval, but I am not a fan of the manipulation she uses with them. 

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Catholic Mommy Brain said...

Glad she is doing well! My oldest son (3) had a really rough time with so many kids, water in the face etc. But he's doing great now as well! Once they get comfy they realize how much fun it is :)