Sunday, July 10, 2011

Keeping it all together

-We completed and mailed our loan application for the house.  Prayers that all goes well with that.
-We are getting quotes for new home owner's insurance; hoping that minor roof detail doesn't hinder that process.
-Packing up all our stuff and moving it to storage
-lining up the vendors for the updates to the Condo (tile, new kitchen countertops, paint, and cleaning service)
-showed Condo. to possible new tenant yesterday.  Hoping she has the "vision" of the updates and signs a lease.  Waiting to hear.
-Got to my page requirement for class paper.  Now need to do final proof and edit so that can get sent off.   Then just two lectures left and study and take the final.  Final date set for July 29th.

It's a little crazy to be finishing up class and hopefully moving when I'm almost 8 months pregnant.  But we have lots of willing helpers:) 

Just praying that all is according to His plan.