Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life Continues... a pretty frenetic pace.  We are now on day 2 of floor demo.  Most everything is in storage and we are preparing to move some remaining boxes of essentials and snacks over to a friend's house who will be home base this week for us. 

The tiling is set to begin tomorrow, so DH will have his hands full today.  Pearl and I will help in whatever way we can this morning, but will basically be kicked out once DH is ready to pull up more floor.  Despite our Condo. being built well after asbestos concerns, he will be wearing a respirator and we, his three girls, are not allowed to stay. 

I am now in the middle of my eighth month of pregnancy and starting to get a few aches, pains, and swelling after a long day in 100 degree heat.  DH "tolerates" me helping to some extent and then I am banished to rest.  This way for my sanity I know what is going into each box and for his, I do rest when told to:)

Quite a bit to do in a short amount of time but looking ahead to the end of the week, should see my final being done on Friday, floors completely tiled, painting started, and us with our hands free till closing day.  That sounds nice and good incentive.

Thank you for your prayers!

I am most definitely looking forward to having more time to rest and tinker around with things.  God Bless!

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Kim said...


Stay cool, Mama! I remember about melting into a puddle during E's pregnancy, I can't even IMAGINE the Floridian heat!