Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Years

I kept teasing DH that this was a big year for us, our five year anniversary.  Our first "big" anniversary.  He said they are all big years...just look at society.  And that is true.  To me this is a milestone.  I hope one that leads to many more years together.  We know that life is precious and fragile and fleeting, but Praise God for our Faith!

Lord, remind me to cherish everyday with my husband, my helpmate, my ezer.  Thank you for these 5 years of marriage.  This vocation continues to prune me.  Your blades are razor sharp, but please cut out the wild growth of selfishness and snarkiness.  Where there is good, nurture and water me in your living waters.

In our five years together, we have celebrated much and wept much.  Faced adversity and challenges and times of sweetness and bliss.  Thank you, dear one, for guiding the helm of our ship under His watchful eye.  It has been 5 years of...well: family drama/crises, infertility, job change, motorcycle rides, ministry, blessing of children--Pearl, the transistion into parenthood, road trips, loss of a child--Teresa, grief, joy, waiting for Princess to arrive, water leaks, renovations, real estate transactions, purchase of a new home, moving while very pregnant...

Everything is an adventure and I look forward to many more years, God willing.

We are actually celebrating our anniversary tomorrow evening with a meal at our favorite restaurant and stopping for confession on the way to the reservation.  Friends will be coming to play with Pearl and do dinner together.  Not a long time out, but highly anticipated.

Mother Mary, wrap your mantle around us and pull us close to the Sacred Heart of your Son.

Our Lady of Czestochowa, Pray for Us!


antonia said...


and you look great in your picture below! xxx

domenicoandsonia said...

Blessings for many, many, MANY more happy years together! Congrats!