Thursday, August 11, 2011

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

We closed on the house on Monday and subsequently moved in that night.  We have just the essentials with us in preparation for a major "moving party" on Saturday when everything gets picked up from the storage units.

Pearl is absolutely head over heels for her new house.  She loves her pink room (which I hope to change at some point....think pepto pink.  Wow is it bright!) and all the land to play on.  With 3 acres, she hasn't even made it past the swing set.

Of course, with an older home there will be many projects for us to work on...some immediate and others later down the road. 

The bones of the house are good.  The interior work is mostly cosmetic and that can wait: original tile in the bathrooms and kitchen, paint touch ups, etc.  The more important things like getting the water adjusted will come sooner.  We are on well, but there is a definite sulphur smell that needs to be addressed.  I think with a good softener and filter we'll be set. 

Overall, we are so pleased.  Everything fell into place when it needed to or even quicker than we anticipated.  It truly is amazing! 

Once DH has his big computers up and running I am SO READY to finally upload some pictures of recent comings and goings:)

Thank you for all your prayers during this process.

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